propyldimethyloctadecylammonium chloride <1%

Read label before use


Do not mix with detergents or other chemicals.
Ensure the area to be treated is dry before application. Apply product to area ensuring complete coverage of surface. To ensure the product cures correctly, it is important to allow the product to completely dry before touching. We recommend keeping children and pets away from the treated area during this time. Once coating is completely dry, rinse the treated area with fresh water and dry.

Recommended reapplication after 30 or 90 days or if staining or odours return.

When used as a dairy maintenance compound, use with microbial monitoring.

FOR FOGGING APPLICATION: Product can be applied to organic or inorganic substrates by fogging. All surfaces must be cleaned prior to fogging. Fogging is supplemental to normal cleaning practices. Fogging can be used in homes, offices, automobiles and institutions, e.g. schools, hospitals, daycare centres, churches, correctional facilities.

Prior to fogging, remove and carefully protect all food products and packaging materials.

Fog areas using 3.785l per 1200m2.

Allow surfaces to drain thoroughly and air dry before operations are resumed.

Dry substrates at temperatures from ambient to a maximum of 160C (320F) to effect complete condensation of silanol groups and to remove water, solvents and/or traces of methanol from hydrolysis. Optimum application and drying conditions, such as time and temperature, should be determined for each application before use. 

APPROVED COMMERCIAL and INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS  The active ingredient in this product is effective against odour-causing bacteria, which cause staining and discolouration, fungi (mould and mildew) and algae as a static agent. Product can be used as a final bacteriostatic finish impart bacteriostatic/fungistatic (mould and mildew) and algaestatic activity.

Air Filters for furnaces, air-conditioners, air purification devices, automobiles and re-circulating air handling systems.

Harmful to aquatic life with long last effects, avoid release into environment. Commercial and industrial users: Do not discharge effluent containing this product into lakes, streams, ponds, estuaries, oceans, or other waters. Do not discharge effluent containing this product to sewer systems without previously notifying the local sewage treatment plant authority. 

De-activation may be required during clean up if a spill occurs. De-activation can be achieved by the addition of anionic surfactant (such as soap, sulfonates, sulfates) in quantity equivalent to that of the product.

Do not contaminate water, food, or feed by storage and disposal.

Store in original closed container in a cool, dry place away from heat and open flame. Do not allow product to become overheated in storage. Avoid prolonged storage temperature above 32oC/90oF. This may cause increased degradation of the product, which will decrease product effectiveness. Non-refillable. Do not reuse or refill this container unless the directions for use allow a different (concentrated) product to be diluted in the container.

Do not recycle or reuse container. Dispose of in general waste. Wastes resulting from the use of the product may be disposed of on site or at an approved waste disposal facility. Discard excess or used (product) solution in drain with running water.


Seller expressly warrants that the product conforms to its chemical description. There are no other warranties associated with the sale of this product.

FIRST AID: If in eyes: Hold eye open and rinse slowly with water 15-20 mins. Remove contact lenses after first 5 mins and continue rinsing. Call a poison control centre or doctor for treatment advice. Have product container or label with you when calling a poison control centre or doctor or going for treatment.

New Zealand Poisons Centre (24HRS)  |  0800 POISON (0800 764 766)

MPI Approved C101-2 (All animal product except dairy)
MPI recognised for use in dairy processing.
Can be used in animal housing on hard surfaces e.g. sanitising cages/sleeping areas/toilet trays, but must not be used directly on animals.