A revolution in antimicrobial surface protection.





More than a
surface disinfectant:
a lasting antimicrobial



PermaSafe doesn’t just kill microbes instantaneously, it goes on killing them for up to 90 days. And it does so while remaining completely safe for people, pets and the environment.

How? Because unlike conventional disinfectant and antimicrobial treatments, PermaSafe does not rely on toxic chemicals that quickly dissipate.

Destroys 99.999% of bacteria and viruses

Instead, it relies on a unique, patented way of bonding molecular ‘spikes’ to a surface which then electrostatically attract and kill microbes.

Using physical properties rather than chemical toxicity is what makes a PermaSafe coating long-lasting, and safe for use where conventional disinfectants are not. Even on food-preparation surfaces.

It’s highly effective, too. PermaSafe will destroy 99.999% of bacteria and viruses and is approved for use against Covid-19.*

*United States EPA registration 82972-1, 26/03/2020.


Because microorganisms are negatively charged, they are actively attracted to the spikes. When they land on them they are physically impaled and killed.

How PermaSafe Works

PermaSafe forms a covalent bond with any surface it is applied to, covering it in positively-charged 'spikes' of molecules

PermaSafe treated surface

Other disinfectants use chemical toxicity to kill germs then evaporate to avoid harm to people and pets, providing only fleeting protection. Meanwhile PermaSafe goes on protecting, for up to 90 days.

By combining electrostatic and physical processes PermaSafe is totally unlike conventional disinfectants.

The versatile solution

PermaSafe coatings are in use worldwide across a huge range of industries.


Protects where
others can’t.

One unique advantage of PermaSafe is that it can be used on surfaces where conventional disinfection is impractical or ineffective. Soft furnishings, for example.

While these can harbour significant numbers of germs they are a challenge when it comes to providing lasting protection. By the time any disinfectant dries off, protection has ceased.

The electrostatic bonding and physical elimination delivered by PermaSafe, on the other hand, works effectively on carpets, curtains, cushions and other soft surfaces. And carries on working.

This versatility means PermaSafe can be used in all manner of applications, especially where surfaces have to be clinically safe. From protecting against mould in ventilation ducts to ensuring vehicle interiors are fully sanitised, PermaSafe is the perfect choice. Its non-toxicity even makes it suitable for food-preparation surfaces.

Endorsed by
regulators and

PermaSafe is approved by local authorities here in New Zealand. We have registered and local approval with MPI, TGA registration and approval in Australia, and globally with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the master label for the following applications.

Anti microbial




Anti allergen

odour eliminator



We also carry a unique patent making PermaSafe the only product with a 90 day warranty of our service protection.*
These local and global accreditations are not easy to achieve. You won't find other antimicrobials with such, or all, of the endorsements we carry.
Destroys 99.999% of bacteria and viruses, including Covid 19*, with lasting effects providing up to 90 days of protection.
*Meets MPI, TGA and US EPA Criteria for use against SARS CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes Covid-19

Introducing the easy, two step PermaSafe System.


Applying a Permasafe coating is easy. Methods vary only in scale


First, PermaSafe CLEAN–a disinfectant–is applied by ‘fogging’. This is allowed to dry off, leaving behind a primed, sanitised surface without the need for rinsing or wiping.


A unique fogging
application approved
by the EPA.


Second, PermaSafe SHIELD is applied by fogging. This forms a covalent bond with the surface and, as it dries, forms millions of electrostatically-charged molecular spikes.

PermaSafe is nothing less than a revolution in antimicrobial surface treatment.


Now your surface is clean, protected and deadly to microorganisms for weeks, even months. Very few antimicrobial products are approved for application via fogging, because of their potential toxicity. Permasafe is approved by MPI and the EPA, so you know it’s safe.

Permasafe Products

Now available in Australia and NZ,
Effective, lasting & PermaSafe clean.